Our Company, Colorado Design Specialties, has had a business relationship with Stelterr for about 5 years. It has been, and continues to be, an extremely positive relationship.

In our opinion, the Stelterr carriages, drive and rail system and other components are superior to any other product we have found to date.

Equally as important as the quality of the product and the price point, is the service and responsiveness aspect. Most of our business is in the retail marketplace. Because of the nature of retail, at times we are confronted with unreasonable delivery time frames. Stelterr has always worked with us to make each of our projects successful, especially when there are complications.  In a perfect world, we have ample time to design, plan order and ship. The true measure of the quality of a company is how they handle exceptions/problems. Stelterr has been an outstanding business partner in this regard. They have an enthusiastic/positive attitude that is refreshing and unique in today’s marketplace.

Steve Matthews, President, Colorado Design Specialties

As you know we have been selling the Mizer product line in the Chicago area since 2001. I wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the product beginning with our first installation and continuing to the present. The product quality and finishes have been very consistent resulting in excellent performance that has made our clients and/or end users extremely happy.

Also, a word about the service. GREAT!!!!! We have been very pleased with the level of support we have received in all aspects of the process, whether expediting a shipment or taking care of a problem you have been very reliable.

Jim Robertson, President, Storage Solutions

I wanted to thank you both and your whole team for your stellar work with us (individually and as a company).

Kate- for your patience, understanding and hard work. Your skill and ability to work within our smaller budget has provided us with a fabulous new storage area WITH space to spare! (Who knew it was possible?!)

Kyle- for your dedication, team management and organization skills. You moved our project up one whole day PLUS got it complete that day. No-one (my team or your team) had to come in over the weekend or come back to a stack of boxes to reload this morning. Myself and my co-workers really appreciate this!

And last, but not least, the Crew that was here with us. Their professionalism, hard work and commitment made it possible.

Frances Vloerbergh, Executive Assistant/Sales & Marketing Associate, Tucker Wireline Services Canada Ltd

The feedback from my customer base on the Mizer Mobile Systems has been extremely positive. We recommend Mizer Mobiles shelving with enthusiasm. Our clients depend on both the quality of our customer service and the quality of our product. The Mizer Mobile Shelving has enabled us to meet those goals.

Our relationship with Stelterr Factory Direct is very beneficial and strategically allows us to compete in our market. I can recommend working with Stelterr Factory Direct with confidence.

S. Charles Broady, Vice President, Acme Visible Filing Systems

As a dealer of Mizer Mobile Filing Systems for British Columbia for the past 5 years we have had the pleasure of working with the mobile specialists from Mizer.

We have over 60 installations completed to date with a very satisfied client base. We have received excellent customer service from the complete Mizer team and have found Mizer to be open to any and all suggestions from the dealers and installers to continually improve their products.

We look forward to working with Mizer in the future.

Scott Keuling, President, ROK Enterprises Ltd.

The installation went very quickly and was done to perfection. The system worked flawlessly and has continued to do so for seven (7) years. And, make no mistake; we work this system day in and day out. Our Records Division is one of our busiest, and these units are constantly moving.
Seldom does a product live up to the “sales pitch”, but this one absolutely does.

Capt. Michael L. Jones, Bienville Parish Sheriff's Office