Automotive Shelving and Storage

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Borroughs’ Parts Smart: Setting the standard for automotive parts storage.

When you have customer waiting at your counter or on the phone, you’ve got to find parts fast. That’s why our custom-designed parts storage systems continue to be the most efficient and effective options on the market today. We put more parts closer to where you need them, reducing retrieval time, technician downtime and customer waiting. With the Borroughs Part Smart System you’ll receive these benefits:

  • Faster and More Accurate Parts Picking
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Lower Overall Dealership Costs
  • Optimized Floor Space
  • Tough and Long Lasting Products

We can assist in every phase of the project, from initial planning and layout through installation and start-up. We’ll bring together the right combination of bins, racks, counter units, accessories and multi-level systems to organize your parts and make smart use of your dealership’s floor space. We can draw upon additional resources from Borroughs that can provide technical assistance and employ the latest in computer design software.

Configura® Ensures the Ideal Solution- Every Time.

Borroughs now has Configura, a powerful computer aided design tool, when combined with our decades of experience, allows us to offer a service unmatched in the industry. When a drawing is created in Configura, everything else is automatically generated. The 3-D visualization output inConfigura gives you confidence that the layout of your parts department will meet your desired goals for storage density and product flow. Configura links all of the steps in the process and offers these advantages:

  • Parts List Generated from Drawing
  • High Resolution 3-D Visualization
  • Modifications Can Be Made Easily
  • Faster Quotation Lead Times

Borroughs’ Parts Smart

How the Fast Zone concept can start saving you money

Are your technicians wasting valuable time waiting at the parts counter? Billable time for a Tech averages $60 per hour. That means even waiting one minute can cost $1.00 in lost productivity. Is your staff spending more time searching for parts than servicing customers?

Operational studies have shown that 80% of parts sales come from just 20% of a typical dealership’s parts inventory. Let Borroughs create a “Fast Zone” parts counter area, to concentrate this activity by relocating the fastest moving items to the point of issue. A well-organized parts department can contribute to the efficiency of the entire dealership.

Here are five money saving ideas:

  • Borroughs HD Drawers and just two shelf units make up a “Fast Zone” Tech Counter to hold 400-500 of your fastest moving parts. By relocating these items to the point of issue, you save both tech waiting time and parts retrieval time.
  • Parts needed for scheduled service appointments can be identified from your dealership’s computer system and pre-picked during slower periods. Setting them aside in a Borroughs Pre-Pick System with labeled totes, has the parts waiting, not the techs!
  • Recall parts have a high initial demand. A “Fast Zone” for Recall Parts can be located in bins up front until demand diminishes. When the campaign is over, parts can be rotated back to their standard inventory location.
  • Returned warranty parts in many dealerships are typically held near the shipping/receiving area. This is often a substantial distance from the Tech Counter. Using a Borroughs Warranty Batch Cart and exchanging a full cart for an empty one can eliminate numerous single part trips.
  • Does it make sense to guard a 5-cent bolt behind the tech counter? Relocating the Nut & Bolt Bin from the parts department side of the counter allows the techs to retrieve their own hardware, eliminating the added expense of waiting time.

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