Box Edge Plus Shelving

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One Storage System Does it All

If your manufacturing facility, distribution center or business could have only one system for all of its storage and inventory demands, that system would be Box Edge Plus®. The wide offering of Box Edge Plus post, shelves, components and accessories combine to accommodate a broad range of small or heavyweight storage items. Configure Box Edge Plus clip-type shelving components to meet your needs: maximize your cubic volume capacity and efficiently store small items with high-density drawer systems; improve inventory access and picking efficiency with shelves, dividers and bin fronts; enhance security and protect stored items with closed type units or cabinets. Create exactly the storage system you want, with all the functionality you demand and the quality you deserve, at a highly competitive price. Borroughs Box Edge Plus – it’s the one storage system that can do it all.

Box Edge Types

  • Open

  • Closed

  • Closed side, Open Back

  • Dividers

  • Bins

  • Cabinets

  • Counters

  • High Density Drawers

  • Mulit-Leve / High Rise



Box Edge Plus Design Features

our Box Edge plus shelf is designed for additional value and aesthetics without additional investment. the simplicity of Borroughs unique Box Edge design ensures structural rigidity as well as fast and easy assembly—saving time and money.

Box Edge Construction

The front and rear edges of the shelf are formed into a closed, welded box shape, providing additional strength to handle impact or point loads. Box Edge plus shelving is so strong it is used to support multi-level and high-rise storage systems.

Lapped and Welded Corners

Sturdy lapped and welded corners reinforce shelf strength and maximize load capacity


Cleaner Front Edge

The Box Edge plus shelf has a clean front edge with no ridges or protrusions. stored items slide smoothly on and the off shelves.

Shelf Bracket

shelf brackets provide wide load-bearing surfaces for quick and easy installation—without the use of tools, nuts or bolts. Shelves can even be rearranged without disturbing adjoining units.

Beaded Post

Borroughs beaded post reduces the front flange to create additional clearance for shelf space. the resulting wider shelf opening provides for more usable shelf space, while also giving a more aesthetic appearance.

Angle Post

our angle post is designed for maximum strength and stability, while at the same time providing flexibility for changing requirements. it is ideally suited for free-standing shelving units.

High Rise Post

This post was developed by Borroughs engineers to allow maximum strength in a post compatible with the extensive line of accessories available from Borroughs. The result—an industry exclusive.