Drilling Company

The Challenge

A local drilling company had moved into the beautiful new skyscraper at Eighth Avenue Place. With downtown Calgary real estate coming at a premium, they had to maximize the space they had for profit producing people, while still keeping important records accessible. The space they reserved for records and storage was too small to hold their files. The challenge was in deciding where the compromise should be made: Should they have fewer offices? How about paying for off-site storage and consequently interrupting workflow? What about the sensitive information that had to be accessed frequently, such as HR files?

The Solution

A versatile and compact Mizer mobile storage system was the answer. The capacity of the storage room was almost doubled, so records could be stored on site for instant access. The existing shelving was incorporated into the system, and bolstered by brand new, colour matched file shelving. The space was maximized to the extent that some non-filing storage was designed into the system for boxed records, and even Christmas decorations. Valuable office space was spared so profit making activities were uninhibited, and the Mizer installation even included a keyed locking section for sensitive HR files. Instant, secure, and efficient access is no longer a problem!

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