Health Care Facility

The Challenge

When strict privacy laws came into effect, an Alberta health care facility was forced to evaluate their current Mizer compact filing system. The new legislation meant that all files had to be secured 24/7. Although the files were supervised as much as possible, they were accessible by both staff and patients; and the gaps in supervision created two major problems. Losing a file could seriously endanger patient health, or cause a leak of private information. Either of these problems could also create devastating legal troubles for the facility. Increasing supervision for the area would require additional staff, increasing operational costs.


The Solution

To secure the files 24/7, a Stelterr dealer retro-fitted the existing system with a locking hub on the outside mobile. Locking the outermost shelf in place eliminated access to all the other shelving units. To secure the exposed face of shelving, a locking tambour door was installed. When the door is open it allows complete and instant visual access to the files. The optimized filing capacity was preserved, files could now be secured 24/7 without additional supervision, and the retro-fitting caused minimal disruption as it was completed in one afternoon.