Metalware Interlock Shelving

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About Interlock Shelving

Stelterr’s interlock shelving is a strong commercial and industrial steel shelving system that requires no bolts and uses an interlocking clip. This vital feature saves up to 80% of assembly time compared to traditional bolted units, making it extremely economical. Shelves can be easily re-configured, re-arranged, and all component parts can be installed without dismantling. Interlock shelving is the only shelving that can be completely assembled in an upright position, eliminating the need for extra floor space for the process.




Widths 36″, 42″, 48″
Depths 12″, 15″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 32″
Heights 40″, 76″, 88″, 100″, 112″, 124″



Metalware 18G Shelves

18G Shelves

This shelf is double folded with closed corners and has a two way locking principal at each corner.

Metalware 18G Shelf Cross Section
Metalware 20G Shelves

20G Shelves

This shelf has a box structure that uses lighter gauge steel than the 18 gauge regular shelf but it has a heavier load capacity.

Metalware 20G Shelf Cross Section
Metalware T-Post

T Post

The “T” post is roll formed and welded at 4” centers. It has a smooth non perforated front face while the sides have perforations at 2” centers to allow for adjustment of the shelves.

Metalware Foot Plates

Foot Plates

Used to secure the posts to the ground. Includes short shelf clip to allow bottom shelf to be installed. Anchors not included.

Metalware Side Braces

Side Braces

Side braces are flat steel bars perforated at each end for nuts and bolts, used to stabilize the units. They are sold as a pair.

Metalware Back Braces

Back Braces

Back braces are flat steel bars with swivel tips perforated at each end for nuts and bolts, used to stabilize the units. Sold as a pair.

Metalware Gussets


Gussets are sold as a pair, left and right. They replace the back braces as a way to stabilize the unit and allow access to the shelving from both sides.

Metalware End Panels

End Panels

The end panel is used to close off a unit from the side. It replaces the 2 posts and side braces. It is made of a 24 gauge steel panel welded to the 16 gauge steel posts.

Metalware Back Panels

Back Panels

The back panel closes off the unit from the back and replaces back braces or gussets. It is a flat sheet of steel, perforated on each side to attach to the post or an end panel.

Metalware Decorative End Panels

Decorative End Panels

Used to finish off the end of a row with a flush panel that hides the side of the unit and finish flush with the exterior of the post. This piece is attached to existing posts on the outside.



Shelf Reinforcements

Shelf Reinforcements

Inserted into the front and/or back of the 18 gauge standard shelves to add extra capacity. Front and back pieces sold individually.

Base Plates

Base Plates

The base plate is used to close off the bottom of the shelving unit to stop items from rolling underneath. It is installed with plastic base snaps.

Bin Front 2

Bin Front

The bin fronts are placed at the front of the shelf to stop small items from falling or rolling off the shelf.



The divider is used to make compartments on the shelf. It has a rolled front for a smooth edge and attaches with divider clips or flat head nuts and bolts.

Shelf Boxes

Shelf Boxes

The shelf boxes are used to hold small items on the shelves.

Label Holders

Label Holder

The label holders allow users to insert labels which will help identify the contents of the shelf. They are clipped on with divider clips to the front of the shelf.

Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors

The swinging doors are installed on the
front of a unit and come with a locking
handle. They are available in sets.


Swinging Door Frames

The door frames are used to create a space between the unit and the doors. This extra space is required when using modular drawers or shelf boxes.

Hanging Bars

Hanging Bars

Placed on the hanging bar mounting bracket to allow items to be suspended inside the unit. Hanging bar mounting bracket attaches to the posts to support the hanging bar. Held in position with shelf clips.