Microfilm Storage

The Challenge

A Data Processing firm needed to economically expand their static shelving system to accommodate their growth. They considered an electric mobile shelving system to increase capacity while maximizing floor space, however they required faster access than electric could provide. Another main concern was the weight load their raised-deck computer flooring could handle.




The Solution

A Mizer mobile system was the perfect solution. A custom track system was designed to distribute weight evenly along the floor’s support cones, eliminating the weight restriction concerns. A local dealer was able to utilize existing shelving, which significantly reduced the price of the solution. The Mizer mobiles were large- twenty-three feet long and four and a half feet deep- and still provided faster access with a hand crank than the electric mobiles in other parts of the building. The system housed seven hundred thousand rolls of microfilm and was designed to expand to one million roles within a year.

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