Mobile Parts Department

The Challenge

A local Agricultural Equipment company wanted to create an on-site service and repair solution for their heavy duty equipment out in the field. They were looking to have a mobile trailer unit that would bring parts, tools and equipment where it was needed most. It would essentially be a mobile parts department. Safety, Organization, Security and Affordability were all requirements that had to be met for the system to achieve their goals.

The Solution

We helped them capitalize on all their mobile parts department needs, by rigging their trailer with Box-Edge shelving and HD Drawers. We planned the system to include wide spans for large inventory, parts bin type shelving for medium sized inventory, and finally divided HD drawers to hold smaller parts and tools. The installation was planned specifically for a moving trailer with aluminum rails lining the bottom profile of the shelving system to give it a secure and immovable base. Additionally, the units were secured at the top by tying into the trailer and with curved aluminum struts fastened to the ceiling and tops of the shelving. The HD Drawers are secured with a swivel flange that is capable of locking every drawer with just one padlock. The system is safe, organized, secure, and was completed on budget.

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