Museum Shelving and Storage

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All Mizer Products are Archival Grade.

Preserve and organize your collection efficiently with archival grade compact storage solutions, and create space for improved workflow, and captivating exhibits.

Herbarium Cabinets

“Borroughs offered the quality, protection and functionality we wanted.”

– Christine Niezgoda
Collections Manager
The Field Museum

Exclusive Design Features

100% Closed Cell Silicone Gaskets

Mechanically held in place, they provide an airtight storage environment that minimizes exposure to dust, insects and other contaminants.

90 Degree Lift-Off Pin Hinge

Doors open a full 180 degrees and lift off easily for curatorial convenience. No tools are required.

Standard Features

Full Overhang Top

To ensure watertight protection from unexpected hazards, cabinets are designed with a full overhang top.

Ergonomic Recessed Handles

Easy to grasp and open. Key lockable. Designed to be ergonomically correct. Because they are recessed, the doors lay flat when open and accommodate complete aisle closure in high-density mobile storage applications.

Three Point Latching System

The system ensures maximum security and a tight seal by requiring a single handle turn, which engages the door at three points.

Heavy-Duty Reinforced Steel Construction

High quality steel provides the extra strength and rigidity necessary to withstand the heaviest of loads.

Label Holder

3”x 5” zinc plated steel card holder makes identification easy.

Powder Coated Paint

This non-gassing baked finish ensures that collections are safe for long-term storage.

Four Levelers Adjustable from Inside

Allows easy leveling of cabinet. Four inside leveling screws for easy adjustment. No special tools required, adjustable with a standard socket wrench.

Preserving History; Preserving the Environment

The protection, conservation, and reduction in the use of natural resources are important goals for Borroughs Corporation. Because the impact on the environment is important, Borroughs Corporation has undergone many changes to continually improve the way business is done.

  • Powder coat paint system implemented using no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • Universal waste including, but not limited to batteries, fluorescent lights, and computer monitor recycling.
  • Packaging materials are recycled.
  • All Federal, State and Local environmental regulations are met.
  • City environmental compliance awards received twice within past five years.
  • Estimated potential annual energy savings from recycling of steel equates to over 64,000 gallons of gasoline or more than 1,000,000 kilowatts of electricity. This is enough electrical power to supply over 100 average size houses annually.
  • Implementing an effective environmental management system that meets ISO 14001:2004 standards.
  • Implementing SVE and AS monitoring systems to improve the aquifer.

All of these actions help reduce harmful effects on the environment and show our commitment placed to conservation of planet resources for generations to come.