Rocky Mountain Equipment

The Challenge

Business at Rocky Mountain Equipment was good, and it was time to consider expanding their operation to meet their customer’s needs. Expansion would be very costly and it would take a long time for them to see a return on such a large investment. Equally worrisome was the prospect of encroaching on valuable yard space where inventory was being stored. Without additional space the growth of the business would be stifled, so a creative solution was imperative.

The Solution

Stelterr’s Industrial Storage dealer consulted with management regarding their space and possible solutions. Recognizing the unused vertical space, they agreed that a steel mezzanine would offer ample room to grow without cannibalizing the yard or the need for costly expansion. A combination of Borroughs HD drawers, Rivet Span Shelving, Box Edge shelving and security cages enhanced the security, organization and display of their inventory, while improving workflow for their staff. Rocky Mountain Equipment now has room to grow, improved inventory control and access, and more display space in their showroom.

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