Z-Line Bolt-less Rivet Shelving

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Creating Storage Solutions is a Snap

How can a dynamic storage solution with so much capacity and functionality cost so little and be so easy to use? The answer is simple: Z-Line. Z-Line is virtually a storage erector set, and offers the largest selection of beams in bulk storage anywhere. Z-Line’s ability to store a broad range of loads and sizes makes it perfect for storing difficult or oddly shaped items.

Use Z-Line to create anything from counter units, tire racks, packing tables, garment/hang rod units, bulk storage, molding or long parts. Z-Line’s commercial quality storage system sets up with just a rubber mallet—no nuts, bolts or clips are required on standard units. Units wider than 48” do require a tie support and hardware. Z-Line’s universal beams, posts, and T-posts tie shelving units together to make it even more economical and convenient to use. since no cross-braces are required, storage can be accessed from either side, making this hand-loading only storage system even more efficient. Take down and reassembly is also a snap. Z-Line also offers particle board decking or sprinkler-friendly wire mesh decking to meet your exact needs.

Z-Line is:


  • low initial investment reduces shelving costs
  • Quick labor saving installation reduces set-up costs
  • Sizes to eliminate costly decking material cutting charges


  • Steel frame construction extends shelving life
  • Rigid boltless connection between posts and beams
  • Secure double key hole and shoulder rivet connections

Simple to Assemble

  • All pieces universal
    • No lefts or rights
    • No fronts or backs
    • No tops or bottoms
  • Requires no cross or sway braces


  • Allows access from any or all four sides
  • Variety of beams to accommodate
    a wide range of loads
  • Spans up to 8′ to optimize storage


Z-Line Types

Bulk Storage Units

Bulk Storage Units are ideally suited to virtually any type of hand-loaded material. it is designed for greater cube capacity than shelving and lower price than rack. Z-Line can be used to make bulk storage racks for storing a broad range of hand-loaded heavy materials, bulky parts or hard-to-store items.

  • Designed for spans of 48″ to 96″ wide
  • Choice of beam capacity to meet your storage requirements
  • Uses double rivet angle, channel or Z beams
  • Beam levels adjust on 1-1/2″ centers
  • T post adder units further reduce material investment and installation time


Shelf Units

Shelf Units can be used as quick, low-cost, steel wood shelving. Single rivet and double  rivet low profile beams provide maximum space between shelf levels. Plus, Z-Line is  ideal for double entry shelving units. it can be accessed from all four sides because no cross  braces or face braces are required for stability.

  • Designed for units up to 48″ wide
  • Uses single rivet or double rivet low profile beams on intermediate levels
  • Uses full “perimeter” double rivet angle beams at the top and bottom levels for rigidity
  • Shelf levels adjust on 1-1/2″ centers
  • T posts provide additional savings on runs of shelving


Specialty Units

Specialty Units are limited only by the imagination of the individual. the most obvious use is archival records storage. However, specialty units are perfect for many hard-to-store items and can include the following:

  • Counter high units
  • Tire racks
  • Workbenches
  • Packing or receiving table




Z-Line is an economical and versatile hand-load storage product that is incredibly easy to assemble, yet strong. it starts with a simple, economical design. a unit consists of posts, horizontal beams and wood decking. a variety of beams are available to accommodate a wide range of loads…and in spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving. Beams have high strength shoulder rivets that engage double keyhole post slots to form a strong and rigid unit. All components are universal (no lefts or rights, fronts or backs). Without the hassle of nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces, Z-Line installation is quick and easy.