B-Span Heavy Duty Shelving

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A Wide Open Storage Alternative

Borroughs B-span® provides a heavy-duty storage solution with an easily accessible, widespan  design. B-span bridges the gap between clip-type shelving like Box Edge plus and full-scale pallet racking, and can accommodate hand-loaded items as well as pick lift loads (within the B-span load capacity ratings). Accessories such as back-to-back ties, wall ties and foot plates add strength and stability. The B-span keystone B-post design uses roll-formed posts as high as 19’ with keystone slots shared by beams to create a run. B-Span flush beams supporting either wire decking or corrugated flat steel meet practically any storage requirement. Flush bottom beams can also be used with Borroughs aisle-saver® to increase your systems’ capacity. Create full mat systems with B-span’s deck over beams.



Provides a solid connection between posts and beams. B-clips come standard with a passive safety spring clip.



  • Frames are available as welded or Ready-to-Assemble (bolt together)
  • Frames come in heights 48″-144″ high and depths 12″-48″
  • Frames can be used for both B-span beams and/or Box Edge plus® shelves


Welded Frame

Bolted Frame



  • Beams are designed with two gauge choices: 14 gauge (standard duty) or 12 gauge (heavy duty)
  • Beams are available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 ft. widths, adjustable on 2” centers
  • Beam steps are 9/16” or 3/4” to accommodate various decking options
  • Beams can be placed at any level regardless of bracing or splices
  • Deck over beams can be utilized as part of a full mat system
  • Flush bottom beams are available for aisle-saver® or Mizer mobile integration.