Colorado Manual Mobile Shelving

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About Colorado

Colorado manual mobile shelving by Mizer® is an innovative and economical storage system. Mounted on Mizer’s box-frame carriage, Colorado mobiles allow shelving to be closely packed when access is not required, but can be pushed and pulled to create an aisle when needed. By eliminating the need for permanent aisle space, Colorado systems can occupy a smaller storage footprint, or increase storage capacity when compared to typical static shelving.

SPACE Save up to 50% of your space by reducing wasted aisle space
PRODUCTIVITY Increase workflow efficiency with on-site storage
ACCESS Provide instant visible access to stored materials
CONTROL Secure materials and restrict access to authorized personnel
ENVIRONMENT Reduce your storage footprint and have a green impact


The Colorado Advantage:


INDUSTRY LEADING Lifetime Warranty

As a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality, Mizer offers the industry leading Lifetime Warranty so you have complete peace of mind. It’s included in the price of your system, so your long term costs are the lowest. Don’t accept 5 years or even 10 years! Demand Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Steel Tube Carriage2


Mizer uses Box Frame carriages, where other systems use “C” channel carriages. Box Frame chassis have higher bending and torsional stiffness, making Mizer stronger at a lower profile so you can further maximize your shelf space, fit the system under fire sprinklers, and reach higher shelves without a stool or ladder.

Mizer Dual Flanged Wheel

INDUSTRY LEADING 100% Guide Wheels

All Mizer systems use 100% dual flanged guide wheels to ensure units won’t derail. Don’t settle for inferior systems with combinations of single flanged or non-guided glide wheels.


Made in Canada

We’ve been proudly building Mizer Mobiles since 1998. Our Mizer manufacturing team boasts the ultimate commitment to safety and quality.

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