Electric Mobile Shelving

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About Electric Mobile Shelving

Electric Mobile Shelving combines the space saving innovation of Compact Mobiles with the convenience of and electric drive system. Aisle-Saver Mobiles can be tailored to suit any room and storage capability. Simple, intuitive touch screen controls are standard, and the system and can be password locked for secure access.

Electric Mobile Shelving a leader in electric mobile safety with features such as light curtains and sweeps which stop the system when they detect movement. They are eco-friendly thanks to its Soft Start technology- drawing only 12 volts for a one-seventh horsepower motor- capable of operating an entire loaded system.

Why Electric Mobile Shelving?

Electric Mobile Shelving ┬ámay be the right compact storage solutions for you if you’re looking for a system that’s:

  • Electric
    • Fast, convenient access
    • Intuitive touch controls
  • Safe
    • State-of-the-art emergency stop systems
    • Light sweep, curtain sensors, and wheel rotation monitors
    • Sophisticated entry and exit tracking
  • Battery Backed up
    • In case of power outage, access and workflow are uninterrupted
  • Secure
    • Set password protections
    • Control access by locking┬ásensitive┬ámobiles
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Exclusive Soft-Start Technology is efficient and smooth
    • Only 12V Power draw on entire system
    • 1/7th Horsepower motor (2% that of a typical lawn mover)
  • Customizable Aesthetics
    • Variety of steel colours
    • Various end panel finishes
    • Corporate logos installed on touch screen


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