Energy Company

The Challenge

A local energy company had changed locations frequently and relied on a short term “band-aid” way out for their filing: a box based system that they could move when necessary. Upon settling into a permanent location, the box system became increasingly cumbersome to access for staff, wasting employee time and ultimately company money. Employees were using step ladders on uneven floors and ramps to access heavy boxes on the top shelves, compromising their safety and creating significant liability for the company.


The Solution

To optimize workflow, a local Stelterr dealer recommended an end-tab filing system that is fast and easy to use for the employees. The conversion enabled staff to instantly identify and access the files they needed, increasing productivity, and providing a considerable impact on the company’s bottom line. A 42” shelf size was used to accommodate the file boxes, and we supplied dividers as needed while they converted to end-tab filing.

They removed all ramps and extended the sub-floor to the wall, creating a safe, level surface for employees to use the ladders. We then addressed the edge of the sub-floor by creating a red powder coated ramp to the whole area, drawing awareness to the step-up for safety, eliminating potential for injury and relieving company liability.

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