Environmental Consulting Firm

The Challenge

A local environmental consulting firm had moved into a new building in Calgary’s upstart Quarry Park commercial neighbourhood. They required a storage solution for their service vehicle bays. The variety of what they needed to store posed a challenge: could one system store work equipment, tools, supplies, hard hats, coveralls, boots, and tires for snow and summer? Some of the tools were valuable and posed a shrinkage risk, while other materials posed safety risks to employees. They needed to organize to eliminate tripping hazards, store their stuff, and keep enough space for two work vehicles to be in the bay at once.

The Solution

A modular Rivet-Span® and Box Edge® storage system was the perfect solution, enabling them to store all equipment in minimal footprints at the edges of the garage. Tires are stored atop the system with room for up to 8 sets per side. HD Drawers are used to organize small parts and tools. Shelving stores tools and equipment in bins, and coveralls hang to breath while being accessible. A Borroughs locking cabinet was used to secure valuables and hazardous materials. Eve-rything had space enough to come off the floor, eliminating trip hazards, wasted space, and facilitating plenty of space to work on, load, and unload their vehicles.

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