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The Challenge

As The Prairie Art Gallery planned for their new facility to be built, a main concern was the safe and protective storage of their collection of art and sculptures. In their old facility, they had been storing ar on a compact wire rack and track system suspended from the ceiling. The out dated storage had two major problems:

1) The wire racking was causing vibration, which exposed the art pieces to risk of damage.

2) The art hung straight down from the flexible wire panels, allowing the art to swing uncontrollably and dangerously.

They were not prepared to move the unsuitable system, and were looking for a new way to store their art in a structured, vibration free, system.

The Solution

A compact Mizer A-Frame art storage system was the best choice. Steel rails were embedded into the concrete floor of the vault, and Mizer’s standard balanced drive system provided vibration free mobility. The art rests solidly on the A-Frame sloped perforated steel panels, completely eliminating uncontrolled sway and the possibility of associated damage. All surfaces on the system were sealed to archival standards, removing any off gassing concerns.

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