Law Library

The Challenge

A prestigious Vancouver law firm asked their interior design team for a corporate library that would leave a strong, lasting impression with clients. They needed it to fit into half the space of their current library, while maintaining the capacity. The library had to reflect Quality, Strength, Order and Efficiency– values the firm took pride in.

The Solution

A beautiful, wood finished Mizer mobile system was installed. It achieved the goals and embodied each of the virtues the firm found important.

  • Quality: The Mizer Lifetime Warranty and superb craftsmanship were symbolic of the work of the firm. Powder paint finished shelving with European wood end panels seamlessly matched the millwork throughout the office for a consistent aesthetic.
  • Strength: The system was manufactured to meet the stringent seismic codes of Vancouver.
  • Order: A combination of adjustable cantilever shelving with adjustable dividers allows for a variety of storage configurations, accommodating everything they needed in an organized fashion.
  • Efficiency: The Mizer system eliminated wasted aisle space and reduced the footprint of the library by 60%. Compacting the book stacks saved valuable dollars on the leased space.

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