Major General Griesbach

The Challenge

When the Major General Griesbach School was being built, they installed mill worked shelves for the new gymnasium storage. They thought it would provide sufficient space for their sports equipment but when it came time to use the storage, they found it simply wasn’t enough and they didn’t have clearance to fit their ball bins in underneath. Overall it fell short of their needs. They were already jammed for space, and they knew they had to address it to ensure safe, speedy and efficient access. They needed something compact and versatile.


The Solution

A local Stelterr dealer recommended a compact Mizer Mobile system mounted with Rivet-Span shelving, giving the school flexibility to configure the shelves as needed. The system was designed with simple, economical surface mount tracks with ramps, enabling carts to roll smoothly into the system and eliminating trip hazards. Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty and self tightening chain ensure a low long term cost of ownership, while making the best use of the gym storage space.

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