Network Company

The Challenge

F12 Networks, an IT service provider in Alberta, was experiencing growth and their current storage room had become too crowded and disorganized. As F12 Networks grew, they required more inventory for client start-ups, including expensive items like computers, servers, monitors, and other IT hardware. The room had become overwhelming, and was causing employees to waste time trying to locate products. The shelving was becoming over loaded causing potential damage to products, and posing serious safety risks to staff.

The Solution

Scott Thomas, the General Manager knew he had to take action. He reached out to a local StelterrĀ dealer to maximize the capacity of their stock room without expanding the space. A Mizer system was installed, enabling them to increase their capacity by approximately 300%. The system confidently holds the entire inventory they require, perfectly organized, and with room to grow. Employees had fast, safe access to everything they needed. In addition, the Mizer system was constructed from an easily re-located combination of Lifetime Warranted mechanical drive carriages, surface mounted rails, and adjustable shelving, so when F12 moved in to their new location, their Mizer storage system went with them.

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