Oil Well Files

The Challenge

An exploration company needed an efficient storage and access solution for their well files. The financial resources used to find and drill for oil demands that the information retrieved is kept in easily, and instantly accessible files. When the number of files begins to build up, the options for how to store them becomes limited. Storing files off-site means extra storage costs, and delayed access, causing lapses in diligence by staff. Storing them on-site required expansion of the filing area, meaning down-sized employee workspaces, or a costly expansion of the building. Even if the files were stored on site, how could they manage such a large and growing quantity? What if a file was misplaced, how could they find it? How much time would employees waste looking for it?

The Solution

An innovative Mizer Mobile System was implemented to compact the shelving, minimizing the wasted aisle space and maximizing the storage capacity for files. This eliminated the need for costly expansion or offsite storage, while actually increasing the filing capacity for future growth. We converted their files to a color coded end-tab system, allowing for instant identification of files, and making misfiled documents visually stick out. No more wasted employee time looking for files, or waiting for access.

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