The Challenge

With steady advancements in medical research, new, more specific prescription drugs are developing faster than ever before. Although the variety and volume of drugs has increased, many pharmacies have not expanded to keep up with the demand- in fact, many have contracted as other departments become prioritized. As space becomes limited, compromises must be made. The importance of keeping pharmacies organized cannot be understated- ensuring the correct prescriptions are filled can be a matter of life and death.



The Solution

Mizer Mobiles are a perfect option for limited spaces where organization is key. Mizer can be found in pharmacies all around North America because:

  • Capacity can be increased by up to 250% within the existing storage footprint
  • The endless combinations of shelving, drawers, and organized bins of all shapes and sizes eliminates disorganization
  • All Mizer mobile shelving comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing it will stand the test of time in even the most rigorously accessed facilities.

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