Quicksilver Light Duty Mobile Shelving

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About Quicksilver

Quicksilver Mobile Compact Storage systems are a lightweight line of Mizer mobiles. Manufactured to Mizer specifications, Quicksilver is built with aluminum carriages which are strong and light, and boasts the reliability of Mizer mechanical components. Quicksilver is an excellent solution for weight restricted areas which need to maximize capacity, and comes with Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Save Money, Save Space with Quicksilver:

  • Set Up: Installation is 30% faster than standard systems
  • Flexibility: Quicksilver can be made to fit any size shelving or cabinet
  • Expansion: Can be expanded without cumbersome unloading and dismantling
  • Relocation: No floor modifications are necessary, allowing quick and painless relocation
  • Maintainance: While engineered for lighter duty applications, Quicksilver is built to withstand heavy duty use
  • Shipping: Modular construction and lightweight materials reduce freight costs and delivery times

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