Western Canadian Lawfirm

The Challenge

A Western Canadian law firm was moving to a new location and needed to maximize their filing in a high traffic area behind reception. They had no other on-site location that was suitable, and off-site storage would be costly, hinder workflow, and waste company time. Both employees and clients would pass by the cabinets, so security and aesthetics were important. The files were filled with sensitive information that, if mishandled or misplaced, would create serious risk to the firm.



The Solution

Stelterr’s local dealer ¬†installed a unique Quicksilver aluminum carriage lateral system, which in-creased the potential capacity of the space by eighty percent. They recommended locking lateral cabinets. This solution ensured that the appearance of the cabinets would compliment the room design scheme, be discreet when clients and professionals visited, and also provided 100% secured access to authorized staff. The dark grey cabinets look great, use the space efficiently, and eliminated any security concerns.

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