Winnipeg Public Library

The Challenge

Winnipeg Public Library was ready for a brand new, central library that would bring students, families, and the community together in the downtown core. Their vision was an open, airy library, constructed of steel and glass that would allow natural light to pour in. Vaulted ceilings and terraced workstations would add flow, while having elements of separation for their patrons who needed a quiet, private space to relax or study.



The Solution

A local dealer provided beautifully appointed wood and steel shelving that guided the flow of patron traffic throughout the building, with matching wood chairs, study carrels, and group study areas. The natural light was factored in early, so the shelving was planned to be installed in perpendicular rows to the wall of glass and steel. The result was a bright, spanning central location that delivered on the forward thinking vision of Winnipeg Public Library.

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