Minimize your Storage Footprint to centralize access

And streamline your workflow

How Mizer can Maximize Your Storage Capacity

With on-site high density storage from Mizer,  you can streamline by:

  • Reducing access time
  • Maximizing on-site inventory
  • Controlling and securing access

An improved workflow can make an immediate positive impact on your bottom line. Employees can be more efficient in the workplace, delivery of goods and services can be expedited, and the customization shelving and components ensures you can be more organized for speedier access.Reducing Access TimeOff-site storage may be appear to be an attractive option, but retrieval and access from an off site location can stifle productivity, and affect your profitability. Store more on site with a compact Mizer mobile system, and maintain your speedy access.Maximize on-site inventoryMore consumers are demanding instant delivery for convenience, and many are willing to pay a premium for it. By increasing capacity for on site inventory, you can deliver your products sooner and increase your competitive edge.Controlling and Securing AccessValuable inventory or sensitive records often require restricted access or security. With Mizer’s locking systems, and Russ Bassett’s locking tambour doors, you can have the best of both worlds- access can be restricted to approved personnel without sacrificing convenience and workflow.

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